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13 August 2017

More Anne Elizabeth Moore

This show was taped on 10 August 2017 in front of a live audience at Pilsen Community Books.

Thank you to Mary, Aaron, and Manuel of Pilsen Community Books!

Thank you to Anne Elizabeth Moore, once again, for making the trip and taking the time.

We discussed the pending consequences of repealing the ACA, bags of pubic hair, intellectual property rights, among other things.

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30 July 2017

Mairead Case

Mairead joined us to talk about her novel See You in the Morning, teaching in prisons, and the influence of Chicago on her writing.

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02 July 2017

Charlotte Mandell

We speak with Charlotte Mandell, translator of Mathias Énard's Compass. Compass won the 2015 Prix Goncourt and has been shortlisted for the 2017 Man Booker.

Apologies to Tynan Kogane, editor at New Directions, whom we were unable to patch in for the show.

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18 June 2017

The Point Magazine

Rachel Wiseman, Managing Editor, and Jon Baskin, co-founder, of The Point magazine join us for a discussion on The Point, literary magazines, and the ambiguity of intellectual life in America. Visit the magazine's website here

Note: There's a part of the show where Rachel says 'Baudelaire,' in referring to a section of the latest Point issue. She meant to say 'Flaubert.'

Thanks, Rachel and Jon, we could have talked with you all day.

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11 June 2017

Harry Crews

Ted Geltner, author of Blood, Bone and Marrow: A Biography of Harry Crews, Skypes in for talk on Crews, Jim Murray, and biography.

Thanks for joining us, Ted!

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28 May 2017

Open Letter Books

Chad Post, publisher at Open Letter, joins us for a conversation about literature in translation.

Books discussed: Gessell Dome by Guillermo Saccommano (trans. by Andrea G. Labinger); A Greater Music by Bae Suah (trans. by Deborah Smith); The Invented Part by Rodrigo Fresán (trans. by Will Vanderhyden)

Thanks, Chad!

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21 May 2017

Donna Seaman

Donna Seaman, editor of adult books at Booklist, joins us to discuss her new book, Identity Unknown: Rediscovering Seven American Women Artists

Please excuse the audio difficulties, which made for a slight but persistent crackling sound on the recording.

Thank you, Donna!

Listen here: Eye 94 on Lumpen Radio -- the show proper starts at about 1:33


14 May 2017

Anne Elizabeth Moore

We talk with Moore about her new collection of essays, Body Horror: Capitalism, Fear, Misogyny, Jokes, published by Curbside Splendor.

Unfortunately, time ran out on us before we could discuss poop. Thanks, Anne!

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7 May 2017

Eating Bugs, Palmistry, and Space Opera

Special guest -- palm reader Teresa Principe. Thanks, Teresa, we had a blast!

Books discussed: Creepy Crawly Cuisine: The Gourmet Guide to Edible Insects by Julieta Ramos-Elorduy and Peter Menze; The Benham Book of Palmistry by William G. Benham; Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey

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23 April 2017

Dmitry Samarov

Special guest Dmitry Samarov, Chicago painter and author of Hack and Where to?  -- Thank you, Dmitry!

Other books discussed: Oblivion by Sergei Lebedev and Omon Ra by Victor Pelevin

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9 April 2017

Chicago Review Press

Gratitude to CRP publisher Cynthia Sherry for joining us

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2 April 2017

Grab Bag

Books discussed: Mikhail and Margarita by Julie Lekstrom Himes, Warlock by Oakley Hall, Cannibalism by Bill Schutt, and Blitzed by Norman Ohler.

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19 March 2017

Science Fiction

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12 March 2017

True Crime

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Gratitude to reporter Ed Komenda for coming on the show. Really enjoyed our time with you.


26 February 2017

Books by Musicians

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12 February 2017


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29 January 2017

Nelson Algren

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Huge thanks to Mary Wisniewski, author of Algren: A Life, for taking time to chat with us. Much appreciated, Mary.