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Back after a four-month layoff, with Jessica Chiarella.


The Lost Girls by Jessica Chiarella


Slackin'. Two new shows with Ye Chun and Peter Cameron!


Padgett Powell will bust your gut, new show


Meghan O'Gieblyn returns to the show! What a gift.


New show with Bob Hartley on his novel North and Central, published by Chicago's own Tortoise Books!


New show with Atticus Lish!


Margot Mifflin on Miss America, new show!


Jesse McCarthy on Eye 94 Radio


New show on U.S. Narcotic Farm!


New show with Tom Lin!


A new show with Mikita Brottman


New show with Julie DiCaro!


New show with Joe Meno!


New show with Sam Riviere!


New show with Max Besora!


New show with Matthew Gavin Frank!


New show with Jon Baskin and Rachel Wiseman of The Point magazine!


A surprise show with special guest, Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth!


New show with Sandra Niemi on her Aunt Vampira (Maila Nurmi)


We love Brontez. New show with Brontez Purnell on his new book 100 Boyfriends


New show with Abraham Riesman, author of True Believer: The Rise and Fall of Stan Lee


New show with comic book artist Jim Terry!


New show with Stephen Heyman on Louis Bromfield!


New show with Chelsea G. Summers, author of A Certain Hunger


New show with Julia Sanches, translator of Dolores Reyes's Eartheater (Cometierra is the original Spanish title)


New show with the Tribune's Jeff Coen, author of Murder in Canaryville


New show with author David Kamp!


New show on Sally Rand with author William Hazelgrove!


New show with author Kevin Mattson, coming soon!


It's up!


We are shocked and saddened to hear the news of Mike McPadden's passing. Mike was a guest on Eye 94 this past summer (#91 -- corey feldman saying boom! on a loop...)

He is survived by his wife and child. To aid the family through this emergency, please visit this page.


New show with Phil Christman!


New show with Catherine Lacey!


Double trouble. We recorded two shows today: one with Australian Jen Craig, author of Panthers and the Museum of Fire, and the other with John Corbett, curator of the manuscript Bullets for Dead Hoods: An Encyclopedia of Chicago Mobsters, c. 1933

Jen's show will air Thursday at 11am on Lumpen Radio.

John's won't air until after Thanksgiving. But you can listen to 'em both on the radio page.


Tea Krulos, Milwaukee journalist, joins us for an hour of conspiracy theory talk. Oh boy


Wendy Erskine joined us by phone from Belfast for OUR 100TH EPISODE. Hooray for us.


Maryse Meijer returns!


Our first live show in six months! No. 98 with Gish Jen and The Resisters. Boy, is she tired of being asked about a prequel/sequel. We had a great time.


The Distance by Ivan Vladislavić was released today by Archipelago. Interview with the author here!


New show with Lucie Britsch, author of Sad Janet


New show with author David Heska Wanbli Weiden, author of Winter Counts. It's been getting major press.

There are a few books/authors mentioned in this episode. For your reference: An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States, The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee, Louis Owens; Dave's article in the NYT


New show: Lee Weiner, of the "Chicago 7", indicted on conspiracy to riot charges after the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, joined us to discuss his memoir.


New show on the recently released collection of Zora Neale Hurston stories.


New show with Veronica T. Watson, editor of The Short Stories of Frank Yerby


New show with Chicago local Mike McPadden!


Back-to-back heavy hitters: this episode with Lisa Taddeo, author of Three Women.


We're back! An interview with Charles Brandt, author of I Heard You Paint Houses, inspiration for the film The Irishman.


Best wishes to Eye 94 producer Jamie Trecker for a speedy recovery. He underwent successful heart surgery last week.

It's looking like our first show returning from COVID hiatus will be on July 12th. We will be interviewing Charles Brandt, author of I Heard You Paint Houses. Martin Scorsese's film The Irishman is based on the book. Stay tuned!


We made it happen: our interview with Brandon Hobson, over on the radio tab


Update on the update: We'll be speaking with Brandon Hobson next Sunday, March 8.

Update: We got our wires crossed with Brandon's publisher, Soho Press. Show was a no go. Stay tuned for possible reschedule.


We'll be talking to author Brandon Hobson this morning at 11am Chicago time, live on WLPN 105.5 FM (Lumpen Radio). Hobson is the author of the 2018 National Book Award finalist novel Where the Dead Sit Talking.


Sad to say we've hosted our last show at The Dial Bookshop. It's been a good run. Thank you Mary and Aaron! Our live shows will now take place exclusively at Pilsen Community Books.

For this last one, we spoke to Michael Zapata, author of The Lost Book of Adana Moreau. It's his first novel, and amazingly enough, it has strong tones of Roberto Bolaño's great fiction. Tune in


Great new show with author Tope Folarin! His debut novel, A Particular Kind of Black Man, was an NPR best book of 2019. Go on over to radio to give a listen


Our show with Jonathan Foiles was taped a while back at The Dial Bookshop. It's finally making it's way to the Lumpen radio waves this Sunday, February 2 at 11am She Kago time. His book, This City is Killing Me: Community Trauma and Toxic Stress in Urban America, was published last year by Belt Publishing.


Two new shows! Live from The Dial Bookshop with Amanda Goldblatt, author of Hard Mouth, and Steph Cha joined us by phone this morning to talk about her new novel, Your House Will Pay. Radio


Don Hayner (Chicago Sun-Times columnist 1982-2012; editor-in-chief 2009-2012) started researching Jesse Binga in the early 90s on microfilm. His decades of research made it into book form last year and he joined us to talk about it - Binga: The Rise and Fall of Chicago's First Black Banker, on the old radio


Eye 94 co-host Jeremy Kitchen had a guest spot on the 2 Month Review podcast last month. Our malcontent was brought on the show to discuss a specific chunk of Ducks, Newburyport by Lucy Ellman, a gigantic novel (ringing in at 1020pp) that was shortlisted for the 2019 Man Booker Prize. Click on the links to learn more about Open Letter Books and Three Percent, both based at the University of Rochester and specializing in the translation of international literature.


This one's a must listen. A great show with Tom O'Neill, author of Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties. Radio


Dr. Benjamin B. Alexander joined us by phone from the Carolinas to discuss his new book of previously uncollected letters by Flannery O'Connor and friends. Radio


Our live show at Pilsen Community Books featured Chicago author Jac Jemc. We discussed her new collection of stories, False Bingo, variously described as horror, terror, and as-yet-to-be-identified genre, creepy. Radio.


Novelist and short story writer Christine Sneed joined us by phone from Los Angeles to discuss her story collection, The Virginity of Famous Men.


The incredible novelist Helen DeWitt joined us on the Lumpen air for a scatterchat.


Adina Hoffman on her new biography of the awesomely prolific Ben Hecht - radio


Our newest show with Rachel Dewoskin


Great new show on Nelson Algren with his biographer, Colin Asher (Never A Lovely So Real: The Life and Work of Nelson Algren). Radio


The latest show: On Preppers, with Tea Krulos. Go on over to Radio


Our newest show: interview with Rachel Galvin at The Dial. Check it.


We spoke with Oak Park native Claire Lombardo today about her debut novel, The Most Fun We Ever Had, which entered the New York Times best seller list in its first week. Check it


We spoke with Alyson Hagy about her novel Scribe, a BBC top ten in 2018! A book all three of us loved. Check it


We interview W.K. Stratton, author of The Wild Bunch: Sam Peckinpah, a Revolution in Hollywood, and the Making of a Legendary Film. The book is being published in this the fiftieth anniversary of Peckinpah's film. Radio


We interview NYRB Classics editor Edwin Frank. Love that guy.


Music to My Eyes with guest Dmitry Samarov - Episode 64


Tomorrow night at Pilsen Community Books we'll be hosting repeat guest and local low key legend Dmitry Samarov. We'll be discussing his book of musical sketches and anecdotes, Music to My Eyes. 7pm at the bookshop on 18th Street and Carpenter.


Conspiracies of Conspiracies -- Episode 63


Tomorrow we'll be talking with Thomas Konda, author of Conspiracies of Conspiracies: How Delusions Have Overrun America, from University of Chicago Press. 105.5 FM in Chicago and streamed live on Lumpen Radio at 11am CST


Our episode with Liesl Olson is up!


We struck out again today with Evan Ratliff, author of The Mastermind. Apologies to anyone who tuned in for the interview. There was a simple miscommunication between us and Evan, and at 11am we needed to fill the live radio slot with an old episode.

Our next show will be recorded in front of a live audience at The Dial bookshop in downtown Chicago, located on the second floor of the Fine Arts building on Michigan Avenue. We'll be talking with Liesl Olson, director of Chicago Studies at Newberry Library, and author of Chicago Renaissance: Literature and Art in the Midwest Metropolis. 7pm start time.


This Sunday we'll be hosting Evan Ratliff, author of The Mastermind and co host of the Longform podcast. 11am Chicago time on 105.5 FM and streamed on the Lumpen Radio website.


We've had a couple of shows since the last news update. On March 21 we interviewed Alex Kotlowitz about his new book An American Summer in front of an audience at The Dial bookshop, and yesterday we interviewed co-chairs Kim Coventry and Susan Rossen from the Caxton Club on Chicago by the Book: 101 Publications That Shaped the City and Its Image at the ole Bridgeport studio. Check em out. The interview with Evan Ratliff has been rescheduled for April 14.


We were scheduled to interview author and journalist Evan Ratliff today, author of The Mastermind, but our phone system crashed. We're looking to reschedule for April. Stay tuned.


New episode with Chicago author Maryse Meijer!


Last week we sat with Laura Adamczyk at Pilsen Community Books to talk about her debut collection of stories, Hardly Children. Check it out


Great conversation with Preston Lauterbach about his book Bluff City. It's about photographer Ernest Withers, the stories he told with his camera, and the double life he led as FBI informant. Head over to radio.


Our best of 2018 episode -- seems we didn't follow directions on this one...


Spoke with Sean Michael Wilson looooong distance over Skype. 11am Chicago time = 2am Japan time. Thanks Sean!


This Sunday we'll be interviewing Sean Michael Wilson, creator of the graphic novel, Bushido:The Soul of the Samurai, adapted from the book originally written by Inazo Nitobe. Wilson will join us via Skype from Japan at 11am CST. Tune in at 105.5 FM in Chicago, or stream on the web at Lumpen Radio


New show with Chicago Literary Hall of Fame founder, Don Evans!


Jeremy lays down his 2018 top ten books

See Jamie's list here


Mr. Kitchen here, with another rant for all you kiddies!


Eye 94 Radio producer and co-host Jamie Trecker picks his book faves from 2018. Read up! Look at ole Treckerjuice down there:


Thank you to Lumpen Radio and to everyone who has followed Eye 94 this year. A happy and healthy new one to you all!


Nico Walker interview plus veteran literature discussion -- posted!


This Sunday, live from the Lumpen studios at 11am central time, we'll be talking veteran literature and interviewing the author of the national bestselling novel Cherry, Nico Walker.


Had some trouble updating the site this past week. Back in business. Our most recent show, with National Book Award finalist Rebecca Makkai, is posted!


Join us this Thursday for our interview with Rebecca Makkai, author of The Great Believers, a 2018 National Book Award finalist!

We'll be in front of a live audience at The Dial bookshop in downtown Chicago.

Fine Arts Building - 2nd Floor
410 S Michigan Ave
Thurs. Nov. 29 @ 7pm


Yesterday's show with Meghan O'Gieblyn is up!


Corrections made to Jeremy Kitchen's "Eight-Legged Tyranny" essay. Our apologies for the errors and thanks to Kyle for looking out.


Author Meghan O'Gieblyn will be joining us this Sunday, November 18, to talk about her recently published book (Interior States, Penguin Random House) of essays--a great, great read. Looking forward to the chat!


New episode posted!


Ingrid Rojas Contreras rescheduled! Tune in this Sunday, November 4.


Ronald Kitchen joined us by phone from Philadelphia today to discuss his book, My Midnight Years: Surviving Jon Burge's Police Torture Ring and Death Row.


This Sunday we'll be speaking with Ronald Kitchen, co-author of My Midnight Years: Surviving Jon Burge's Police Torture Ring and Death Row. Kitchen was exonerated and released from prison in 2009.

We'll be broadcasting live at 11am central time. Chicago, tune in to 105.5FM Lumpen Radio. World Wide Web, stream live at the Lumpen website.


Last night's show with Corinne Halbert is posted. Great conversation about the history of horror comics.


We're in front of a live audience tonight at Pilsen Community Books with author/illustrator Corinne Halbert. Corinne's art will be available for purchase. Don't miss it! Tonight at 7pm.


Our show with Ingrid Rojas Contreras scheduled for October 7 was called on account of lightning. Lumpen Radio is back up and broadcasting (105.5 FM Chicago or stream with internet connection). Stay tuned for the rescheduled interview.


Tune in this Sunday when we'll be talking with Ingrid Rojas Contreras. Her debut novel, Fruit of the Drunken Tree, was published earlier this year by Doubleday, and soon became a national bestseller.


We had the honor and pleasure of hosting Dubravka Ugresic in the Lumpen studios this morning! Ugresic has published twenty books in Croatian over four decades, fourteen of them translated to English. She has won numerous international literary prizes. She had two books released on Open Letter Books this year, Fox and American Fictionary. Today we discussed American Fictionary, a compilation of essays Ugresic wrote between 1991 and 1993, when she fled her native Croatia and landed a guest professorship in Middletown, Connecticut. Listen up.



Our show in front of a live audience at Pilsen Community Books with Kathleen Belew is now available.



We'll be hosting Kathleen Belew to discuss her new book, Bring the War Home: The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America (Harvard University Press).

Thursday, September 20


We were at The Dial this week with author Ling Ma to talk about her debut novel, Severance. Head to the radio page to check it out.


We'll be hosting author Ling Ma tomorrow night at The Dial bookshop to talk about her debut novel, Severance, out now from Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Recording will begin at 7pm. Attendance is free.

The Dial is located on the second floor of the Fine Arts Building at 410 S Michigan Ave. Come on by!


Part 2 of our series on boxing has just been posted. Read "Lewus" by Mike Sack.


Janice Law joined us this morning to talk about her long part-time career as novelist and writer. More than half of her twenty-five published books were devoted to two separate mystery series: Anna Peters and Francis Bacon. She also happened to birth the producer of our radio show, Jamie Trecker. She is an amazing woman and absolutely hypnotic to listen to. Tune in.


Last night's show in front of a live audience at The Dial is posted


Tomorrow, July 19, we will be at The Dial bookstore for our monthly live show. Adam Morgan, Editor-in-Chief of Chicago Review of Books, will be our guest, and we will be discussing the recent reprinting of the famous Chicago novel, The Cliff-Dwellers. It's free entry, so come on by! The Dial is located on the second floor of the Fine Arts Building, 410 South Michigan Avenue. The show will begin at 7pm.


New episode with Sergio de la Pava, author of Lost Empress, is up!


We are INSANELY excited and grateful to be hosting author Sergio de la Pava on our radio show this Sunday, July 15. He is most recently the author of Lost Empress. He is also a New York City public defender. Lost Empress uses the New York criminal justice system, professional football, working class characters, extremely wealthy characters, and broad scientific knowledge to explore ideas and meaning in the 21st century.


Pilsen Community Books hosted us again last night, this time with author Megan Stielstra. Thank you, everyone! Check the Radio page.


A new Eye 94 Original is up! Jeremy Kitchen throttles punk PCness in "The Eight-Legged Tyranny of Tarantula: Fighting Fascism with C.H.E.W.Y."


Join us this Thursday at Pilsen Community Books when we host Megan Stielstra, author of The Wrong Way to Save Your Life, a book of essays. The event begins at 7pm.


We spoke with Nafissa Thompson-Spires today about her new collection of stories, Heads of the Colored People. Check it out!


New show with author Jim Elledge posted!


This Sunday, June 3, we'll be hosting Jim Elledge, author of The Boys of Fairy Town: Sodomites, Female Impersonators,
Third-Sexers, Pansies, Queers, and Sex Morons in Chicago's First Century. Chicago, tune in at 11am on WLPN 105.5 FM.
Non-Chicago: stream live on the Lumpen Radio website.


Last night we taped a show in front of a live audience hosting Dominic A. Pacyga, author of Slaughterhouse: Chicago's Union Stock Yard and the World it Made. Many thanks to Dominic and, as always, Pilsen Community Books. Check it.


New Original!

Thank you to Chad Sainson for contributing his "303: A Laker's Miniature Memoir" to Eye 94 Originals


Today we had Joe Peterson in the Lumpen studios to talk about his novel, Gunmetal Blue, published by Chicago indie press Tortoise Books. Check it.


A set of three poems, "Domesticity", by Lauren Duquette (a new Eye 94 Original)


We have a new Eye 94 Original up from Jeremy Kitchen -- "Deny Everything!: The Ballad of the Circle Jerks Love Child"


We had a fantastic interview with Jim Gauer, author of Novel Explosives, yesterday. The episode has been posted.


This Sunday, April 15, we'll be hosting Jim Gauer, author of Novel Explosives, on the air waves. Explosives has been praised by acclaimed literary critics Steven Moore, Michael Silverblatt, and Jeff Bursey. The novel was published by Zerogram Press.

Chicago, tune in to 105.5 FM, WLPN, Lumpen Radio at 11am. World, stream live at the Lumpen website.


Our Pilsen Community Books show with Michael P. Daley on his book, Bobby BlueJacket, is posted. Chicagoans, tune in to 105.5 FM on Sunday or Thursday at 11am to hear the interview, or stream live from the Lumpen Radio website.


New Eye 94 Original! "The Fight Game" by Mike Sack.

Eye 94 Radio will be LIVE from Pilsen Community Books tomorrow night at 7pm! Come support your local bookstore.


This Thursday, March 29, we'll be hosting another live taping of Eye 94 at Pilsen Community Books. Our guest will be author Michael P. Daley. His book, Bobby BlueJacket: The Tribe, The Joint, The Tulsa Underworld, was released earlier this year by First To Knock. The show will start shortly after 7pm.


Eye 94 co-founder Jeremy Kitchen was featured yesterday in an article for the Chicago Reader. The profile was written by local writer Dmitry Samarov, whom we hosted on the 23 April 2017 episode of Eye 94 Radio. Check them both out!